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“Elliot is one of those shiny people you don’t meet often in a career. Bursting with energy, enthusiasm, creativity and talent, Elliot’s enthusiasm can lift a room and change a team. Elliot’s range of skills are matched only by her ability to learn quickly and adapt. Whether it’s lighting, directing, animating, singing or struggling to understand the intricacies of High Dynamic range theory, I am convinced that Elliot will replay those skills at the right time and create something better than the original. I am looking forward to seeing Elliot get an Oscar at some stage in the future.”

– Bruce Devlin, Mr MFX


I have always been drawn to art, design and film due to my natural admiration and fascination of the craft. Cameras, Lighting, Sets, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Animation, Costumes, SFX Makeup, Character Design, Concept art and fantasy worlds…

Since my parents took me to see Cats the musical at age 3 (2003), I have not been able to take a breather from this crazy obsession to create and bewilder. Showing a passion for the arts and a creative talent and flair from a very young age, I thrive on sharing my creations for the enjoyment of others and look forward to a career in the film industry.

I have recently finished my course Film and TV Production and Graphic Design, achieving top grades and accolades. I won ‘The Award for Outstanding Performance in Film and TV and was titled ‘Class Ambassador’ due to my quick ability to pick up new skills and enthusiasm to teach others. Earlier on in my education I won an award for the ‘Top Textiles (Art and Design) Student’.

As a child I used to direct and act in films with friends (one of which being a live action re-make of Coraline), as well as creating stop motion animations using my Dad’s old webcam. Drawing was a daily habit and even now I still carry around a little black sketchbook with me to capture any character designs or film ideas that come to mind. I also took a huge shining to photography and after saving up for my first camera in 2013, I became obsessed, experimenting with different lighting combinations etc.

Since the age of 15 I have actively sought work experience within production companies and have recently worked on feature film sets such as ‘The Current War’ and I now work as a runner at Twickenham Studios. I continue to search for entry-level experience, where creative initiative, ideas and a genuine enthusiasm would allow me to progress.